History and images have been compiled from various sources including, among others, the 1987 National Register of Historic Places, Stack & Beasley's 1902 Sketches of Monroe and Union County, Union County Public Library (Patricia Poland, Genealogy & Local History Librarian), the Heritage Room Photo Collection, North Carolina Map Collection, Rootsweb - An Ancestry.com Community and Ancestry.com family histories.

The Gloucester Hotel

“In 1898, just after the American naval victory at Santiago, Messrs. Gresham & Jamison, the well known hotelists and caterers, completed their preparation for the opening of their new hotel in Monroe. No name for the house had been selected, and while the names of commanders and warships were on every tongue, some one suggested that the new hotel be named for the Gloucester, one of the American ships which bore a conspicuous part in the battle of Santiago. Mr. Gresham adopted the suggestion and the splendid little hotel became the Gloucester, and under the skillful hands of Messrs. Gresham & Jamison it soon became famous. It was elegantly furnished throughout and its guests sat down to a table unequaled in this section, and little surpassed by the large hotels of the city. When other enterprises took the owners away, Mr. J.J. Lindsey leased the building and furniture and continued the business for a year.

“On the first of last January [1902] Mrs. Mamie F. Gaddy, of Wadesboro, an experienced hotelist, assumed charge of the Gloucester. Under her management the high standard first set has been fully maintained, and the house is now enjoying a large patronage, and everywhere receives the warmest appreciation from the traveling public. Beside the regular business, many travelers make it a matter of convenience to spend the night there rather than at adjoining towns. The two things so dear to the traveling man’s heart the Gloucester gives—a good bed and a good table. Persons wishing to come to Monroe for the benefit of the fine water will find pleasant living at the Gloucester. A rate of $10.25 per week is given with a special rate per month. Mr. Robt. B. Flake, an experienced young hotelist, is assistant manager.” Stack & Beasley

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