History and images have been compiled from various sources including, among others, the 1987 National Register of Historic Places, Stack & Beasley's 1902 Sketches of Monroe and Union County, Union County Public Library (Patricia Poland, Genealogy & Local History Librarian), the Heritage Room Photo Collection, North Carolina Map Collection, Rootsweb - An Ancestry.com Community and Ancestry.com family histories.

Monroe Journal & Beasley Brothers

R.F. Beasley
 Sketches of Monroe & Union County
Sketches of Monroe & Union County
Stack & Beasley

The Monroe Journal was established in 1894 by Messrs. G.M. Beasley & Bro. It has steadily grown in business and influence till it is now one of the best established weekly papers in the State. Every year its circulation is larger than on the preceding one. It owns its own building, located near the public square. It has always been Democratic in principle and outspoken in its view on public questions. It has labored unceasingly for the material, moral and educational advancement of the county, and has maintained a constant agitation for better schools. Its advertising columns are always filled with good contracts. In addition to the paper, Messrs. Beasley Bros. conduct a large job printing business, drawn from Monroe and surrounding towns. They do work equal to that furnished by city establishments. Mr. G.M. Beasley is a practical man of fine business judgment. He has been in the business since a boy and is thoroughly at home in a printing office. Mr. R.F. Beasley has won considerable reputation as a newspaper man and has done work for other journals. He is a graduate of Wake Forest College and has been superintendent of education of the county. Mr. J.E. Clark is the local editor of the Journal. He is a native of the county and a young man of talent, and enjoys a large popularity.”

Residence of  R.F. Beasley - Sketches of Monroe & Union County
More research on the Beasley brothers...

Rowland Fowler Beasley was born 26 January 1871 in New Hanover County, NC, the son of John James Beasley (1844-1886) and Antoinette “Nettie” Montford (1845-1917). In 1895 R.F. Beasley married Ella J. Stewart (born 1873), daughter of John M. Stewart (1846-1898) and Harriet E. McLaughlin (1849-1897). Rowland F. Beasley Jr. was born about 1904. Rowland Beasley Sr. died 13 June 1953. His death certificate noted him as Editor of Monroe Journal, married to Clyde D. Powell; street address 1214 Wadesboro Avenue, Monroe. Dr. George G. Oleen signed the death certificate. R.F. was buried in Suncrest Cemetery.

  • 1880 Masonboro, New Hanover County Census: In the home of farmer J.J. Beasley and wife Antoinette were: Allise L. 14, George 11, “Rollie” 9, Rube 5 and 3-year-old John P. Beasley.
  • 1900 Greensboro Census: Roland 29, Ella 26 and 3-year-old Hattie were boarders. Beasley was noted as an editor. NOTE: According to family trees, Ella either died about 1907 or married John M. Rouse.
  • 1910 Monroe Census: Roland F. Beasley 39, wife Isabel E. 31, Hattie 13, Roland F. 5 and stepdaughter Julia Fitzwater 10. The family was living on College Street. The census noted this marriage as second for both R.F. and Isabel; they had recently married. NOTE: Isabel was born in San Diego 8 Sept 1878 and married George Sparks Fitzgerald in 1898. Fitzwater died in 1906. NC Marriage Collection – Esabella Evans Fitzwater married R.F. Beasley in 1909.
  • 1920 Raleigh Census: Rowland F. Beasley 50, was a boarder. NOTE: At that time, Beasley was Chairman of the Commission of Public Welfare.*
  • 1930 Monroe Census: R.F. Beasley 59, wife Clyde D. 48 and 18-year-old stepson John D. Powell. Residence on Highway No. 20. NOTE: Clyde Dowell Powell Beasley (1882-1955) was the daughter of Rev. George J. Dowell and Trannie Yates. Address at time of death was 1214 Wadesboro Avenue, Monroe. NOTE: Clyde Dowell first married Henry Hinton Powell born 1887.

*From The Robesonian, Lumberton, NC 11 April 1921:
Mr. Roland F. Beasley, late Commissioner of Public Welfare of the State of North Carolina, is now working for the International. The company says it affords them peculiar pleasure to announce that Mr. Roland F. Beasley has been added to the staff. The announcement goes on to state that Mr. Beasley came to Texas, investigating their proposition thoroughly, etc., before accepting a position with them and that he has unbounded faith in the company.


George Montford Beasley, brother of Roland Fowler Beasley, was born 8 Apr 1869 and died 9 Nov 1954. In June 1892, George married Hester Eleanor “Ella” Austin (1869-1951). His death certificated noted George’s address as 300 Morris Street and a linotype operator for Monroe Journal. 

  • 1900 Monroe Census: Windsor Street - Printer G.M. 31, Ellen 31, Annie 5, Jno 3, Eleanor 1, servant Nancy Clyburn 18 and servant Francis Marsh 10.
  • 1920 Monroe Census: Morris Street - George, editor newspaper, Ellie, Antoinette 25, John 22, daughter-in-law Myrtle 25, Eleanor 20, May 18 and George 13.
  • 1930 Monroe Census: Morris Street, value of home $6000 - George M. 61, Ellie 61, F. Eleanor 29. George M. 24 and 8-year-old granddaughter Frances Fredericks.
  • 1940 Monroe Census: 300 Morris Street - George, 71 publisher newspaper,  wife Ellis 71, B. daughter B. Barrett 34, grandson Andrew Barrett 14.

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