History and images have been compiled from various sources including, among others, the 1987 National Register of Historic Places, Stack & Beasley's 1902 Sketches of Monroe and Union County, Union County Public Library (Patricia Poland, Genealogy & Local History Librarian), the Heritage Room Photo Collection, North Carolina Map Collection, Rootsweb - An Ancestry.com Community and Ancestry.com family histories.

Wolfe-Ashcraft House circa 1874

Early photo - Heritage Room Collection
600 S. Church Street

"In 1874 W.C. Wolfe, one of the founders of the Monroe Enquirer,* purchased a lot on this corner from S.F. Houston. Wolfe subsequently built a two-story, three-bay, single pile Italianate house here. Dr. J.E. Ashcraft purchased the house in 1906, and about 1915 overbuilt and greatly expanded the original house, converting it into a Classical Revival style residence. Like the J.H. Lee House, the hipped, slate-roofed mass of the house is dominated by a colossal portico, in this case with paired, fluted Corinthian columns. A large lunette is cut through the tympanum. On either side of the portico are one-story, Corinthian-columned porches, the north one wrapping around the side elevation and extending into a porte cochere, the south one becoming a sun room at the corner. The main entrance is the original door opening with transom, around which has been built a pedimented frontispiece with Doric pilasters. At the north side of the house is a three-sided dining room bay with leaded glass windows. At the southeast corner is a two-story wing with pedimented gable. From the rear of the house extends a gabled, one-story kitchen wing with an adjacent enclosed porch. At the northwest corner is a one-story, gable-roofed wing. Two corbel-capped chimneys rise from either side of the roof, and there is another at the southwest corner. The second floor window sash are eight over one, while the first floor sash are largely fixed or one over one with transoms." National Register nomination 1987

*Monroe Enquirer was “established 1872 by W.C. Wolfe and W.J. Boylin; Mr. Wolfe conducted it for a long time alone, and was succeeded by Mr. Boylin, who continue to run the business till 1893.” Stack & Beasley

William Constantine Wolfe

"According to tradition, the Wolfes first settled in Pennsylvania and came to North Carolina about 1750. They settled in that part of Mecklenburg County which is now Cabarrus County, not far from Mt. Pleasant, on Paul's Run. He [Conrad Wolfe] was one of the original members of old St. John's congregation. General Rufus Barringer's grandfather (John Paul Berringer) was also a member of the same church. Philip Wolfe, his father and mother and two brothers came.” Ancestry.com

William Constantine Wolfe (1852-1929) was born 15 Sept 1852, the son of Hilliard J. Wolfe (1823-1885) (son of Conrad Wolfe of Mecklenburg County) and Rozanna Jane Wilson (1832-1856). Hilliard and Rozanna had another son, James Leard Simeon Wolfe, born 17 July 1855, who only lived eight months, dying 25 March 1856. After Rozanna’s death, 5 Feb 1856, H.J. Wolfe married Cornelia Evelyn Lee.

Hilliard J. Wolfe, merchant and family, were first noted in Monroe in the 1870 census. William C. Wolfe married Virginia Lee 23 Oct 1873 in Union County. By the 1880 Monroe Census, William C. Wolfe 30 was noted as editor of newspaper; in household were Virginia 28, Frederick 5, Nellie 3, Bright 2 and school teacher sister-in-law Mary L. Austin 40. William’s parents and siblings were living nearby.

Dr. John Ellis Ashcraft
Rebuilt/expanded by Ashcraft about 1915

Dr. John Ellis Ashcraft (19 Nov 1859/65** - 27 April 1937) was the son of Calvin Austin Ashcraft (1826-1907) and Martha E. Green. On June 2, 1890, J.E. Ashcraft married Rosa Lily Andrews (1867-1935). Dr. Ashcraft died in Cross Creek Township, near Fayetteville, NC. **Grave marker notes 1865, however census records reflect a circa 1859-60 birth date.

1870 – J.E. in Lanes Creek, Union County, post office Beaver Dam: notes John as 10 years old, with his father/farmer and family.
1880 – J.E. in Lanes Creek, noted as 20.
1910 – J.E. 49 married and in Monroe with Rosa and two children at home, Jean and Martha.
1920 – J.E. on Church St. with Rosa and two children, Gene 24 and Pat 18.
1922 - City directory noted: Dr. Jas. E. Ashcraft, pres. Hotel Joffre (Inc) and v-pres 1st Natl Bank, h 600 S Church, phone 24; also noted were Rosa and daughters Jean Ashcraft and Pat P. Ashcraft.

In 1902, Stack & Beasley included Dr. Ashcraft’s statement concerning the Monroe Artesian Well  and described him as “on
e of the most successful practitioners in North Carolina. He is now in New York doing special work.”

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